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Winnipeg Residential Phone Directory

Effective 2011, the Winnipeg residential phone directory - commonly called "White Pages" - is available only upon request. If you want to receive a free copy of the Winnipeg residential phone directory, please contact Yellow Pages Group (YPG) Distribution Services at 1-800-268-5637, or visit

Residential listings are available online at

The Yellow Pages™ directory, used to find local businesses, will continue to be distributed each year. The Government listings section will now be part of the Yellow Pages directory.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I requested a residential directory from YPG last year, am I required to request one again this year?

No. Requests made in 2011, or up to March 31, 2012, will stay active for 5 years (up to including the 2015 residential directory).

How can I request a printed White Pages residential directory?

You can call YPG Distribution Services at 1-800-268-5637 or visit to request a copy. (Distribution is dependent on stock availability. If there is no stock available at the time of request, the request will be retained for the following year.)

When can I request my White Pages directory?

You can call or go online anytime to register to request a residential directory. However, request should be made 90 days before delivery starts as distribution is dependent on stock availability. If there is no available stock at the time a request is placed, request will be kept on record for delivery of a directory the following year.

Will it cost me anything to request a copy of the White Pages residential directory?

No, there is no charge to request a printed White Pages directory. Customers are entitled to one (1) free White Pages directory per telephone line upon request.

If I choose not to request a copy of the residential directory, how can I locate a personal telephone number?

You can go online at or to find residential phone numbers.

Who decided to change the distribution of the residential directory to distribution-by-request?

Yellow Pages Group (YPG), the official publisher and distributor of telephone directories across Canada, made this decision.

Why was the decision made to distribute residential directories by request only?

YPG reached this decision based on changing user habits around the way people look for residential phone numbers. An increasing number of Canadians use online and mobile resources (such as to find residential phone numbers. In addition, YPG is making concentrated efforts to continuously reduce its environmental impact and this change is a great green initiative to save paper.

Who can I contact to voice a concern or complaint regarding the 2011 change to distribution by request or the process to request a residential directory?

You can contact Yellow Pages Distribution Services at 1-800-268-5637.

What is the difference between the residential directory (White Pages) and the Yellow Pages directory?

The residential directory (White Pages) is devoted to personal phone number lookups while the Yellow Pages directory is used to find local businesses.

Will I continue to receive my Manitoba or other regional directory?

Distribution of the other Manitoba directories has not changed.

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